Our Clients

Proud Highway specializes in turn-key communications solutions for startups, allowing founders to focus on the only thing that matters in any company’s first years: Growth. We’ve helped clients from a variety of sectors, including technology, energy, legal, and commercial. Here’s a few of them…



iEstates.com, a virtual real estate investment company based in Chicago, hired Proud Highway to run Austin.com and its associated social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. This quickly became a full-time job, so Proud Highway’s founder and CEO took on the role of executive editor, molding Austin.com into a city-focused, business-friendly publication that he still runs today, using Proud Highway’s creator network to pull down between 50,000-80,000 unique readers per month.



Hydrogen-XT, a Houston-based technology company with a solution to the “chicken and egg” challenge facing the hydrogen fuel economy, came to us needing a website and some press releases. We designed and launched HydrogenXT.com, and wrote two press releases that were distributed nationwide, getting the attention of the U.S. Department of Energy. Several weeks later we were asked to fill out a federal grant application on Hydrogen-XT’s behalf. We did not just complete the grant application ahead of schedule — we also compiled information on two dozen other state and federal grants the company was eligible for.

The Climate Reality Project


Proud Highway’s founder and CEO is a volunteer member of Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, an advocacy group that promotes education and awareness about Earth’s changing climate. As a Climate Reality Leader, Webster speaks to corporations and governments about energy efficiency, sound environmental practices, and the true urgency of the climate crisis. In addition to running Climate Reality Texas, a social media group for fellow Climate Reality Leaders in the Lone Star state, Proud Highway also regularly volunteers to help environmental nonprofits overcome their communication challenges, at no cost.