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The Raw Story
6/2007 - 7/2013

It was my honor to serve as editor of Raw Story during a turbulent time for the business and the country, although I started as night editor and worked up. We saw incredible growth during this time, from 50,000 monthly readers in 2007 to over 5 million in 2013. That growth was sustained by my predecessors, hitting 20 million monthly in 2016. These days, the social accounts accounts I helped launch serve tens of millions of impressions weekly.

As I developed my specialties of reporting on the drug war, new tech, and environmental issues, there were many amazing moments. I particularly loved getting shoutouts on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, which cited my reporting at least a dozen times. Colbert even personally responded to me on air once, which blew me away. Social media shares from my favorite bands — Radiohead, Cake, and Black Flag‘s Henry Rollins — were also nice, as was the time Morgan Fairchild thanked me for being a journalist (and all the traffic sent to me by Larry Flynt). But I am most proud of one story in particular.

In 2011, I revealed that the U.S. military was using social media to manipulate public opinion in foreign countries. That story, published in 2011, landed on the #2 spot for Project Censored’s annual list of the 10 “most censored” stories of the year. Oddly enough, The Guardian ended up lifting my scoop, but Wired Magazine set the record straight.

Unfortunately, the Russian government rebuilt these systems and used them to attack the 2016 US presidential election.

My archive is linked above — although, sadly, about half my writing here was lost due to database corruption. That includes a 2009 scoop revealing a previously unknown CIA torture technique, and 2011 reporting on Wikileaks that caused a 10% single-day plunge in Bank of America’s stock value.